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PhysioWorld Custom Orthotics - Size Guide

Orthotic Size

Men’s Shoe Size

Women’s Shoe Size


3 – 4.5

3.5 – 5


5 – 6.5

5.5 – 7


7 – 8.5

7.5 – 9


9 – 10.5

9.5 – 11


11 – 12.5



The PhysioWorld Custom Orthotic (both full length and three-quarter length) are available in Small to XL. The size you need depends on your shoe size.

In order to fit the orthotics into your shoe, you may need to trim them first. You will find trimming guides on the underside of the orthotic and they are easy to trim using ordinary scissors. If you are unsure, you can contact your physiotherapist, who will be happy to cut them for you. 

The size of the additions (Heel Raises, Heel Wedges & Forefoot Posts) also adhere to this guide. Please note these only go from Small to Large. If you wear an XS Orthotic, you will need a Small addition, and if you wear an XL orthotic, you will need a Large addition.

 You can buy PhysioWorld Full Length Custom Orthotics here, and Three-Quarter Length Custom Orthotics here

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